Does snow damage egress windows?

snow damage egress windows

As the weather turns cold and snow begins to fall, you should take preventive measures to protect your home. Salting your driveway, patching your roof, and keeping a watchful eye on your plumbing are all great ways to protect your home’s value through the winter season. However, one aspect of your home you may not think about is your egress windows. Specifically, does snow damage egress windows? Here’s what you need to know.

How do Egress Windows Work?

Before looking at the effects of snow on egress windows, it’s important to understand how they work. Egress windows are a specific type of window that serves as an exit in case of an emergency such as a fire. Generally, these windows are used in finished basements, especially when the basement is used as a living space. Not only do these windows allow more light, but their functional design can also literally be a lifesaver.

Egress windows don’t slide up and down like a traditional window. Rather, they open outward like a door of sorts. This makes it easy to climb in and out should your window ever need to become a quick escape. While these windows are a great addition to any basement, snow can have an adverse effect on them.

How does Snow Affect Egress Windows?

Snow itself isn’t likely to damage egress windows. However, a build-up of snow can quickly become a barrier that will keep your windows from working the way they should. Most egress windows are set in a window well, which can quickly fill up with snow or water. This creates a barrier that will keep you from swinging the window open.

Think about how when snow piles up on your back porch, it can become difficult to open the door and walk out. Snow can have the same effect on your egress windows and make them difficult to open in an emergency.

Preventing Problems with Your Egress Windows

You can easily prevent problems with your egress windows by taking time to clear off the window and cover after a heavy snowfall. By removing snow from the surface of your egress window, you can keep it from freezing over as the snow melts and refreezes, preventing you from opening the window. 

Depending on the severity of the snowfall, you may also need to scoop out the snow from your window well. It is a good idea to check your egress windows after any heavy snow to make sure they are blocked, and you can easily open them should the need arise. 

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