Egress Windows

Let Priority-One Construction install a new egress window and surround to make your basement more comfortable and keep your family safe.

The benefits of adding an egress window...

Egress windows are openings large enough to enter or exit in case of emergency. You must have egress windows in your basement  in order to classify a space as a bedroom. With an additional bedroom, you can place a much larger price tag on your home when it’s time to sell.

Your local county building codes specify the minimum width and height of these windows. They also specify the minimum square footage of the window well. View the Elkhart County codes for basement egress windows at the following link:

Installing an egress window can brighten up your basement and allow a great deal of natural light into the room. These windows also provide a source of ventilation. Fresh air and natural sunlight can turn your dark, dreary basement into a more inviting living space.

Priority-One Construction can usually install an egress window in 1-2 days. This includes digging a hole for the window well, cutting and removing the concrete, installing rock in the bottom of the hole, installing the window and surround, back-filling, then trimming/finishing the inside and outside of the window. Window well surrounds can be made of steel, wood, or landscape block. Priority-One Construction is one of the premier installers of egress windows in the area because they own the special saw that is able to cut through the ten inches of concrete in your basement wall.

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