How do egress windows help fire safety?

fire safety

Fire safety is an important part of the home. Escaping your home during a fire is important, and having a practical way to do so offers peace of mind. Egress windows are an excellent addition to your home. They offer both an entrance for emergency workers as well as an escape for you and others living in your home. When putting together a fire safety plan for your home, egress windows are a great option to consider. How do egress windows help fire safety? Here’s what you need to know!

What are egress windows?

Egress windows are a special type of window that opens outward, rather than slide up and down, like a traditional window design. Egress windows are generally found in finished basements and are big enough to enter or exit through during an emergency, such as a fire. 

A benefit of egress windows is that they can also be used as an entrance by emergency responders who need to quickly enter a building to offer help and support to someone inside. Not only are egress windows functional, but they offer a lot of natural light, improving the aesthetic of your home. 

How important are egress windows?

Egress windows are incredibly important. They provide a crucial way of escape during an emergency. Their ability to open is crucial during house fires for individuals who are in the basement and can’t make it upstairs. 

Due to their importance during a fire, most homes with living spaces in the basement add egress windows. Homes that are renovated are often required to add egress windows in the basement before anyone is allowed to stay in that area. 

While egress windows may not seem like a necessary step during the renovation process, they offer peace of mind and can save lives during an emergency. 

How do egress windows help fire safety?

Egress windows don’t prevent fires. They simply offer another way to escape should one happen in your home. Treat them the way you would any other emergency exit.

Make sure that egress windows are usable by having a clear path to the window. Furthermore, clear any snow, leaves, or other debris that may prevent you from opening it. 

Make sure you go over with your family how to use an egress window. You never know when you may need to use it. So a solid understanding of it is a valuable part of any fire safety plan. 

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